Sentience Mosaic

Welcome to Sentience Mosaic. This unique interactive website, a part of the broader Animal Mosaic, is dedicated to animal sentience. It provides a credible source for all scientific investigations into or related to this diverse research area. Animal sentience is of international concern and of growing interest across many disciplines and sectors. The scientific community’s understanding of sentience is crucial in affecting how we treat animals, both in our work and everyday lives. Understanding how animal sentience is relevant to your field can also further your work in a number of positive ways – these are explored in the resources provided here. In addition, Sentience Mosaic offers an opportunity to broaden your scientific connections and promote your research.


New Inspiration

Interview with Professor Jeffrey Mogil

Date:  :2014

Jeffrey Mogil, Professor of pain studies, discusses his work on facial grimacing.

Interview with Professor Clive Phillips

Date:  :2014

Interview with Professor Clive Phillips, University of Queensland discusses his career to date.

Jane Goodall on her early days studying chimps

Date:  :2014

In this clip Jane Goodall shares her inspirational views on studying animal behaviour.

Latest Knowledge

Personalities in fish

Date:  :2010

The researcher in this video clip discusses evidence for personalities in fish.


Date:  :2014

This video brings together a variety of experts, who discuss their views on zoos.

Rats feel regret

Date:  :2014

This study demonstrates that rats feel regret when they make the wrong decision.

Did you know?

Scrub Jays show the ability to anticipate and plan future meals, independent of their current motivational state. Correia, S.P.C., Dickinson, A., Clayton, N.S., (2008) Current Biology