Sentience Mosaic

Welcome to Sentience Mosaic. This unique interactive website, a part of the broader Animal Mosaic, is dedicated to animal sentience. It provides a credible source for all scientific investigations into or related to this diverse research area. Animal sentience is of international concern and of growing interest across many disciplines and sectors. The scientific community’s understanding of sentience is crucial in affecting how we treat animals, both in our work and everyday lives. Understanding how animal sentience is relevant to your field can also further your work in a number of positive ways – these are explored in the resources provided here. In addition, Sentience Mosaic offers an opportunity to broaden your scientific connections and promote your research.


New Inspiration

Interview with Noelia Lopez-Salesanky

Date:  :2015

Noelia Lopez-Salesanky discusses her PhD research.

Interview with Dr Min Hooi Yong

Date:  :2015

Dr Min Hooi Yong, discusses her research on emotions in dogs.

Interview with Dr Sophie Hild

Date:  :2015

Sophie Hild, Director of the Foundation for Animal Law, Ethics and Sciences discusses her views on french legislation.

Latest Knowledge

Are elephants self-aware?

Date:  :2006

Very few animals have successfully passed the mirror self-recognition test. Among the few are humans, great apes and dolphins. Scientists have previous linked mirror self-recognition with animals that show empathy and altruism.

The playful side of Crocodiles

Date:  :2015

This report discusses various observations of crocodilian play

Rats return the favour

Date:  :2015

This study explores reciprocal behaviour in rats.

Did you know!

Play in African elephants is a life-long activity. Lee, P., & Moss, C. J. (2014) Animal Behaviour and Cognition