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Welcome to Sentience Mosaic. This unique interactive website, a part of the broader Animal Mosaic, is dedicated to animal sentience. It provides a credible source for all scientific investigations into or related to this diverse research area. Animal sentience is of international concern and of growing interest across many disciplines and sectors. The scientific community’s understanding of sentience is crucial in affecting how we treat animals, both in our work and everyday lives. Understanding how animal sentience is relevant to your field can also further your work in a number of positive ways – these are explored in the resources provided here. In addition, Sentience Mosaic offers an opportunity to broaden your scientific connections and promote your research.


New Inspiration

Interview with Dr Jessica Walker

Date:  :2014

Jessica discusses her research on the expression of emotions in animals.

Interview with Helen Proctor

Date:  :2014

Helen Proctor, World Animal Protection, talks about her recent research exploring measures of positive emotions in dairy cows.

Victoria Braithwaite on the topic of pain in fish

Date:  :2010

Professor Victoria Braithwaite, discusses the findings that indicate that fish do feel pain, and what this should mean for their welfare.

Latest Knowledge

Sharing in parrots

Date:  :2013

This study examined sharing and reciprocity in Grey parrots.

Wagging tails reveal emotions

Date:  :2013

This video clip highlights research exploring whether tail wagging by dogs can be used to indicate their emotional state.

Assessing emotional states in fish

Date:  :2014

In this experiment place preference tests are used to assess affective states in fish

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Crayfish exhibit a form of anxiety, similar to that described in vertebrates. Fossat, P., Bacque-Cazenave, J., De Deurwaerdère, P.,Delbecque, J.P., Cattaert,D. (2014). Science