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This website provides information, resources and forums to enable people from diverse backgrounds to learn, interact and work together towards a better future for both animals and humans. Animal Mosaic is an open platform powered by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Latest News

Europe: MEPS support recognition of animal welfare in alien species regulation

Legislation: Wildlife

Eurogroup for Animals welcomes the European Parliament's endorsement of a compromise proposal for a Regulation on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species

Europe: Animal health law vote signals need to address concerns holistically

Legislation: Farmed

Yesterday, the European Parliament voted in favour of making multiple improvements to the future EU Regulation on animal health

World Court: Japanese Whaling Not Scientific

Legislation: Wildlife

The International Court of Justice says that Japan's Antarctic whaling program is not for scientific purposes and has ordered a temporary stay on the program.

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The Management of animal welfare in disease outbreaks

Topics: Disaster Management, Health and Disease, Production Systems, Farmed

Animal welfare in disease outbreaks has received considerable attention in recent years as, throughout the world, numerous animal disease outbreaks have raised concerns over humane options for impacted animals.

Religious slaughter: A current controversial animal welfare issue

Topics: Slaughter, Farmed

Religious slaughter methods, required to be applied before meat is deemed consumable for some followers of certain faiths, have continued to be controversial on animal welfare grounds in the last few decades.

Education for Sustainable Development and Animal Welfare


A complete teaching pack which allows teachers to include both animal welfare and sustainable development ideas within their existing teaching. The pack includes group work and discussion based activities.

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