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Animal Mosaic is the largest online community of people working to protect animals around the world. We are present in all parts of the globe and come from diverse backgrounds. By coming together online we can harness our collective experience – and move the world to protect more animals than ever before. Join the community, download resources and keep up to date with the latest global developments in animal protection.

Latest News

Chimpanzees granted petition to hear 'legal persons' status in court

News: Rese_Alternatives, Rese_Ethics, Rese_Legislation, Wild_Captivity

For the first time in US history, a judge has granted two chimpanzees a petition – through human attorneys – to defend their rights against unlawful imprisonment, allowing a hearing on the status of “legal persons” for the primates.

The Truth Behind Swimming with Dolphins

Community: Ente_Ethical Tourism, Wild_Ethical Tourism, Wild_Marine

Throngs of Americans are heading south to the Caribbean right now, for the balmy sunshine, intoxicating evening breeze, turquoise waters … and the opportunity to swim with dolphins. But despite their popularity, swim-with-the-dolphin programs have a dark underbelly, and those on the inside are starting to speak out against them.

Ringling Bros circus to phase out elephants by 2018

News: Ente_Ethical Tourism, Entertainment, Wild_Ethical Tourism, Wildlife

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus is putting an end to its elephant performances, the company announced on Thursday.

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