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Animal Mosaic is the largest online community of people working to protect animals around the world. We are present in all parts of the globe and come from diverse backgrounds. By coming together online we can harness our collective experience – and move the world to protect more animals than ever before. Join the community, download resources and keep up to date with the latest global developments in animal protection.

Latest News

Wildlife Trafficking: Beyond Elephants and Ivory

Topics: Wildlife

In the wildlife trafficking policy debate in the U.S., the majority of attention to date has been on the ivory and horn of Africa’s elephants and rhinos.

Highlights from the World Organisation for Animal Health Conference

Topics: Companion, Farmed, Research

The third Global Conference of Reference Centres of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) was held in Incheon (Seoul), Korea (Rep. of) from 14 to 16 October 2014.

CITES and confiscated elephant ivory and rhino horn – to destroy or not destroy?

Topics: Wildlife

Over the past 24 months we have seen a number of countries, including Belgium, Chad, China, Hong Kong SAR, China, Czech Republic, Gabon, France, Philippines, and the USA, destroy stockpiles of illegally traded elephant ivory and rhino horn that have been seized and confiscated.

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